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Lower Silesian Agricultural and Food Wholesale Centre is a joint stock company established in 1995. Our core business is the organization of the wholesale market in the field of trade in agri-food products and flowers (dominant industry) and the service and rental of commercial real estate (warehouse and commercial space).

Currently, more than 500 wholesalers, importers and producers (horticulture, floristic accessories, fruit, dairy, meat and food industry and others) offer their products on the market. Every year, several hundred thousand customers come for shopping, not only from Lower Silesia, but also from all over Poland, Germany, the Czech Republic and other European countries.

In our facilities business operations are conducted by: ARiMR (Agency for the Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture), post office and several catering outlets. The sales are conducted in halls (some, such as the flower hall with an area of ​​1.15 ha, are air-conditioned and equipped with cold store) and under shelter. We have a total of over 40,000 sq. m. of warehouse and commercial space with a well-developed network of internal roads and parking lots. Our area is fenced, protected and monitored 24 hours a day. In addition to a wide range of warehouse and commercial space, we also have investment areas.

Lower Silesian Agricultural and Food Wholesale Centre covers an area of ​​37 hectares in the south-western range of economic activity in Wroclaw agglomeration. It is conveniently connected to the city centre, Wroclaw Motorway Bypass , A4 motorway, the airport and exit routes towards Berlin, Katowice and Cracow, Prague, Poznań, Łódź and Warsaw.

We guarantee consumers high-quality goods that meet the requirements of the European Union. We have the following certificates: Solid Company, Business Gazelles and Lower Silesian Economic Certificate!

We have attractive parking spaces in Wroclaw Wholesale Market for tractor-trailer and semi-trailer combinations.

In our area, under the shelters and in modern, air-conditioned pavilions, the zoological wholesale takes place every Friday of the week.

We welcome both buyers and sellers. Rich assortment! Competitive prices! We offer: cut and potted flowers, floristic accessories, flowerbeds, seedlings, nursery material, food, additional activities - zoological wholesale.

Lower Silesian Agricultural and Food Wholesale Centre is one of the largest flower exchanges in Poland.


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