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Lublin Wholesale Market /The Elizówka Market/ is a supra-regional wholesale market, located in the south-eastern part of Poland, being the easternmost market in the European Union. The company owns 54.83 ha of land, of which 18 ha were developed for the wholesale market in the first stage, including 3.2 ha of indoor facilities: modern and spacious, and 12 ha are occupied by car parks and access roads.

Lublin Wholesale Market has been designed and built in accordance with Polish construction standards and European Union directives for the sale of fresh products.

The Elizówka market has 228 stands under roofs adapted for direct sale from the car. This is called the producer's part, in which the products, such as fruit and vegetables are offered by the local producers.

The market also offers for the users commercial and office premises located in 6 spacious and modern halls.

Modern infrastructure, equipped with convenient access and parking lots, guarantees efficient and safe communication. The Elizówka market has been fenced, lighted and has 24-hour security service as well as professional monitoring recording all events taking place in the market. More than 160 companies that operate on their own lease commercial space in the market. The range of goods offered on the Elizówka Market is very diverse. You can sell and buy here not only vegetables, fruit, groceries, but also dairy products, meat, sausages, bread, frozen food, fish, packaging and household chemicals. The air-conditioned flower hall attracts the attention of customers with a rich selection of flowers and floristic accessories, wicker products, candles and ceramics. On the Elizówka market you can also buy packaging, fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, seeds, garden tools and other goods. Every day, approximately 2,000 customers' cars enter the market.

Lublin Wholesale Market /The Elizówka Market/ as the only one in Poland, hosts many institutions that provide services mainly for agriculture. Among other things, there are:

Regional Branch and Poviat Office of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture,

Bank Polska Kasa Opieki S.A., I Branch in Lublin,

Polish Post - Branch of the Post Office,

Lublin Agricultural Advisory Centre in Końskowola - Lublin Branch.


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