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Praga Food Exchange is one of the largest wholesale markets in Poland. Praga Food Exchange has been operating since 1991 and is located 7 kilometres from the centre of the capital city. Praga Food Exchange occupies a significant place in the structure of food distribution in Warsaw and Mazovia. It cooperates with 80 wholesalers located on the premises of the Stock Exchange, which represents a supply base for thousands of retail stores, small wholesale stores, restaurants, hotels, canteens and catering outlets. Trade is mainly carried out in the following sectors: meat and cold cuts, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, fish, beverages, sweets and traditional products.

Praga Food Exchange in figures:

built-up area - 11 ha

built-up commercial area - 4.6 ha

number of producers and distributors renting out commercial space - 80 companies

number of manufacturers selling directly from cars - from 100 to 500

size of commercial spaces - from 30 sq. m. to 2,500 sq. m.

number of regular customers - 15,000

the volume of goods in the daily turnover - 1000 t

estimated daily turnover in food products - PLN 5,500,000

percentage of shops of the right bank of Warsaw and Śródmieście buying meat and dairy supplies from Praga Food Exchange - 61%


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