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Agri-Food Wholesale Market, Elbląg Exchange is a joint-stock company established in July 1994 by Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjno-Usługowe "Elzam" S.A. /Manufacturing and Service Company/ as a sole proprietorship.

On 10 December 1994 it became a multi-person joint-stock company by increasing its share capital, in which the shares are held by both physical and legal entities. In 1994, the company was included in the nationwide "Program for Building a Network of Wholesale Markets and Agricultural Exchanges" implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Food Economy. In 1995, Agri-Food Wholesale Market, Elbląg Exchange was supported by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry of Germany, which included the activities in two areas:

  • creating organizational and technical infrastructure for the wholesale market,
  • improvement of sales conditions for agricultural producers through organized cooperation with the wholesale market - creating groups of agricultural producers
  • creating, managing and running a wholesale market where agri-food products are traded and brokering in these products is carried out,
  • lease of space and facilities for business activities by other entities on the premises of Elbląg Exchange
  • research on the market of agricultural and horticultural products,
  • business consultancy and management,
  • advertisement
  • stocking, warehousing and storage of goods,
  • reloading of goods.

ELBLĄG EXCHANGE offers convenient trading conditions.

At present, the traders have at their disposal over 150 pavilions and commercial spaces for trade in agri-food products, modern gastronomic and sanitary facilities, parking lots for sellers and buyers, bank branch, telephone, fax and internet communication network as well as 24/7 security of the area.

  • a perfect place for investors

We tailor customer’s demand for pavilions and commercial space to their needs.


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