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Warsaw Agricultural and Food Wholesale Market in Bronisze is the largest and most modern wholesale market in Central and Eastern Europe. The company was registered in 1995.

The wholesale trade in fruit, vegetables, flowers and food products is conducted in the market in Bronisze. The traders have at their disposal 9 shopping halls with an area of ​​over 8 ha. The trading also takes place directly from the cars. The total area on which the commercial activities are carried out is 40 ha. Over 30,000 farms sell their products on the Market in Bronisze. Over 60,000 buyers come to collect the goods.

  • The company's share capital - PLN 120 million
  • Construction cost – USD 57 million
  • Shareholders - over 800 natural and legal persons
  • Permanent tenants of retail space - over 470 tenants (and 79 tenants at the Artwork and Antiques Fair - trade on Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Sales from cars/daily average - 2,500 sellers
  • Number of entries/daily average - 5500 cars
  • Number of entries/maximum - 10500 cars
  • Estimated sales of fruit and vegetables/year - over 1.2 million tons
  • Annually, about 1.5 million cars enter the market
  • The number of stands for trading from cars - 1300
  • About 14 million people are consumers of goods sold in Bronisze.

The company leases space in three industry sectors - fruit and vegetables, flowers and processed food. The information on the prices of fruit, vegetables, both domestic and imported, as well as flowers are published on the website - www.bronisze.com.pl. The telephone information service is available 24 hours a day: 0 (48) 22 721 55 10 ext. 7.

Corporate Social Responsibility.

The market in Bronisze is involved in services for the industry community. The Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR strategy is convergent with the company's business strategy. The work for the benefit of stakeholders is an integral part of the company's development. Warsaw Agricultural and Food Wholesale Market in Bronisze has its own sewage treatment plant, and since 2008 it has been segregating and recycling biodegradable waste. The quality of provided services and service efficiency are systematically improved and the management system compliant with the requirements of ISO 9001, 14001 and HACCP has been introduced. The implementation of the system has strengthened the Company's position on the domestic and international market.

The market organizes international shows and interactive florist workshops led by Florist Masters from around the world. The trainings (in cooperation with industry institutions) are conducted on EU funds, creating producer groups, standardization of fruit and vegetables, etc.

Warsaw Agricultural and Food Wholesale Market in Bronisze is a sponsor of many activities in the commune, charity campaigns are often co-financed. The company cooperates with the Society for the Care of the Blind in Laski and Pruszków, helps institutions such as the Food Bank, which provide food for the poorest. Warsaw Agricultural and Food Wholesale Market in Bronisze is a founding member of the Central European Initiative Wholesale Markets Foundation (CEIWMF), currently gathering 13 wholesale markets from 7 Central European countries. Warsaw Agricultural and Food Wholesale Market in Bronisze is a member of the Wholesale Markets Association.


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ul. Poznańska 98
05-850 Bronisze


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