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On an area of ​​approx. 22 thousand sq. m., 60 companies operate from such industries as: food, fruit and vegetables, meat, dairy, fish, packaging, office supplies, sanitary, transport, fuel and construction.

The traders running commercial activities can operate in modern, air-conditioned exhibition halls and have access to a cold store. The additional infrastructure is provided in the form of catering facilities and services related to transport.

Agri-Food Market in Zielona Góra was established in 1994. Fruit and vegetables are traded from Monday to Saturday. Every day you can buy products directly from the farmers.

Since 2008, the Industrial and Automobile Exchange has been operating every Sunday, thanks to its modern infrastructure and convenient location, it attracts many traders from the region and beyond. There are over 500 trading stations. The facility is guarded and monitored 24/7.

The core business object of Agri-Food Market in Zielona Góra is the rental of warehouse and commercial space, brokerage in the turnover of goods (fruit and vegetables, cereals) and conducting activities aimed at popularizing modern forms of management and methods of preparing agricultural products. The Brokerage House operating at Agri-Food Market in Zielona Góra publishes weekly price quotes on its website. It conducts extensive cooperation in the field of commodity turnover with agricultural producers, companies from the agri-food industry and wholesale markets in Poland and abroad.

Agri-Food Market in Zielona Góra is a source of information on prices and demand, which allows farmers to adjust their agricultural production to the needs and requirements of the customers. We organize the event of Food Days in Lubuskie Voivodship, which has been promoting producers and their regional products for 4 years. During the Days, you can get acquainted with the floriculture offer, both regarding potted and cut flowers. We support local rural environments in the Lubuskie Voivodeship. We also help in organizing provincial and municipal harvest festivals.

Agri-Food Market in Zielona Góra is a member of the Polish Wholesale Markets Association and the Central European Initiative Wholesale Markets Foundation (CEIWMF).


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