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Podlaskie Agri-Food Centre was established as part of the government "Program for Building a Network of Wholesale Markets and Agricultural Exchanges", aimed at improving trade in goods and adapting it to the European solutions.

The Centre was registered with the District Court, Commercial Court in Białystok, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register, under the number of 45833. The share capital amounts to PLN 11,115,060. Over 200 shareholders joined the Centre.

The main shareholders of the Centre are:

  • Podlaskie Towarzystwo Finansowo - Inwestycyjne Sp. z o.o. /Podlaskie Financial and Investment Society/
  • The State Treasury, represented by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in Warsaw

Currently, Podlaskie Agri-Food Centre in Białystok (formerly: Agri-Food Exchange) is a commercial complex based mainly on the food sector. The main activity of the Centre is the management and operation of the market as well as the rental of commercial and warehouse space where agri-food, industrial, production and office products are traded. In over 250 wholesalers and stores in the shopping hall and other commercial facilities, there is a wealth of fruit, vegetables, food and industrial products. Our strengths are fresh products, directly from producers and attractive prices.

The premises for rent are available in three locations. In the city of Białystok:

  • at Gen. Władysława Andersa Street No. 40
  • at Ks. A. Syczewskiego Street No. 8

In the city of Wasilków near Białystok:

  • at Nadrzeczna Street No. 22

Podlaskie Agri-Food Centre is located in Białystok, at Generała Władysława Andersa Street No. 40, on the area of ​​over 10.0 ha. It has 3 halls with a total area of ​​18,000 square meters. One of these halls with an area of ​​7,700 sq.m. currently serves as a commercial complex for the sale of agri-food products. The second hall was demolished and a new shopping hall was built in its place. It was commissioned in 4Q 2019. In the new hall No. 3 with an area of ​​3 thousand sq.m., there will be 45 premises (from 36 sq. m. to 130 sq.m.) and social facilities. There will also be 98 parking lots. The new hall has also been equipped with a fire alarm installation, a computer installation with access to fibre-optic internet, and video monitoring will be installed in the corridors.

The Exchange is open from Monday to Saturday from 6:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. Every Sunday, the Auto Exchange and the Pigeon and Decorative Poultry Exchange are held on our premises. Podlaskie Agri-Food Centre is a frequently visited place for agri-food, retail and wholesale purchases. An ideal place for comprehensive shopping for all those who are looking for fresh, healthy, local and regional products in a wide range and at affordable prices.


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